Football betting is one of the best Online Betting sport. Although horse racing betting and f1 betting are also very popular. Football needs no language, you put the ball in the pitch and if you have an opinion about an online match then, you just bet on it with real money on many of the available football betting bookmakers. Live Football Betting is one of the rising trends and it is becoming more popular every day. On daily basis there are many leagues across the world that have live streaming so this creates a lot of betting strategies and opportunities.

Football Betting is betting on football matches and predicting the football results by making a bet on the outcome of a sporting event. UK and Football are the perfect match. On our site, football is merged with the UK’s top online bookmaker to show you some of the best football betting odds, expert tips and live action sport.

The key point in football betting is to know what you are betting on. Moreover, in this section we will guide you to through the home of football betting online

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These are the most popular ways to bet on Football


A football match lasts 90 minutes and often it takes few minutes more as extra time. So, as a punter, you can simply bet on the match result. So, in this case, you predict the result, it could be mean that a team will win, or lose or have a draw. The code is WLD (win, lose, draw).


In a football match, when 2 teams are playing, one is at its home stadium and the other is a “away”. So in this case, you will predict the correct score that is scored (CS) and if you predict it well, then you will win and if not you will lose. You have to be careful, as not always, the odds offered by the bookmakers are competitive enough.


It is also called under and over, and it reflects what it says, you have 2 options to bet on, so you can say they will score more or less. It is one of the most played bets and the outcomes are 2, so it is possible to predict under or over in the matches where you have no idea what the score might be. So you say, more than or less than 2.5 goals.


Who scored the first goal? It pretty much reflects what it says. The only point that you need to think about is that some online football bookmakers do not make you win in case the team scored own goal. So make sure you check with your bookmaker on this, before you bet on the first goal scorer option.


t is the same concept as the first goal scorer, if you are a hard-core fan of a football club, you would know about the strategies that they use. Therefore, it is a good investment if you know a certain player would come out as a substitute in the end and might score…


It is the same as the full time result, this also has the same options of win, lose and draw, so you make your bet on one and get your result on half time.


Who said you have to limit yourself to one match. You can accumulate many games and bet on the full time result on many matches at the same time.


This is for the less risky punters, if you want to get an option that either team will win but then, there is a draw; with Draw No Bet (DNB) you get your money back.


The most popular football betting type is Asian Handicap betting. What happens is that each team gets a goals handicap and then you bet on the match result after the handicap. It all depends on the values that are provided by the online bookmakers Asian handicapping is done by giving one of the teams, the loser team, some points or goals lead.

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