Premier league football bets


The Premier League is major English professional football competition for association football clubs. As a successor of Football League first division, Premier League was established in 1992.

There are 20 clubs in the competition in season which begins in August and ends in May. Every year three bottom clubs are relegated to the level 2 ranked Football League Championship, while three clubs from Football League Championship are promoted to Premier League (top two + play off winner). From the season 1996/97 begins the era of the “Big four” dominance as the Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool had been dominated first four places with Manchester United never been placed worse than third place. Since its formation Premier League has become the world’s most watched association football league. Top teams from Premier League are the best ranked teams in European competitions.

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England’s Premier League is one of the most challenging and most competitive football leagues in the world. It draws a global audience and fans from around the world. The Premier League is an English professional league for association football clubs. The English football league has a pyramid system that levels up the entire country’s football leagues. The premier league is at the top of the English football league system, it is the England’s main football competition.

The competition has 20 participating clubs every season. It was founded in 1992. Throughout the season, each club plays against another club twice, once at their home stadium and once at that of their opponents, for a total of 38 games in the premier league.

The English premier league is home to many of the world’s best football clubs and the most popular clubs are the big four, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United. These big four clubs have dominated the top four spots in the leagues and they have also dominated top places in the UEFA Champions League. You can always try your odds to win when placing your slips on a premier league betting site such as